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Charles & Kate Dodge of Putney Mountain Winery

Meet the Dodges

The Inspiration
The Dodges began making wines in the 1990s. Charles, then a professor of music at Dartmouth College, became intrigued by his graduate students' stories of brewing beers for fun. He even considered trying that himself.

But near the end of the drive home to Putney one evening, as he passed Green Mountain Orchards, Charles had an epiphany. He realized that many of the best experiences he and Kate have, in drinking wine throughout the world, come from drinking local wine, made from local fruit, enjoyed near the local winery.

Then and there, he decided to stick with Vermont tradition and craft delicious fruit wines from the delectable local produce.

Kate and Charles
Kate's primary roles at Putney Mountain Winery are in administration, marketing and planning. But the job she still loves the best is serving wine in our tasting rooms, farmers markets and festivals.

She says "I learn so much from the customers and use much of what they tell me in our marketing. And as an added benefit, I get to practice Spanish and French with tasters from around the world!"

Charles also loves meeting and learning from our customers at wine tastings. But his heart is in the adventures he has creating new wines. His innovative blends and new uses of our farmers' wonderful fruit are the foundation of Putney Mountain Winery.

Charles has been an innovator from Day 1. Early in his career, Charles turned his training in classical music to the experimental - and at that time virtually unknown - field of computer music. His work with synthesized voices, beginning in the late 1960's, startled the new music world and anticipated the now widespread use of digitized voices in pop music.

Along with creating some of the first award-winning compositions with computers, he founded the graduate study of computer music at Columbia University and the Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. "Wiki" Charles Dodge to learn more about his distinguished musical career!

Kate practiced law for many years first in New York City and then Brattleboro, Vermont where she was a partner at Fitts, Olson and Giddings. She has served on many local boards including the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, the Brattleboro Music Center, The Yellow Barn Music Festival and School, as well as the Putney Zoning Board and Planning Commission.

Charles & Kate Dodge of Putney Mountain Winery
Charles & Kate Dodge of Putney Mountain Winery


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